London Sci-fi 48 hour

Film competition

The thought of entering a highly prestigious film competition is a great motive for us to get together, have some laughs and resume our normal wacky antics of creating some seriously crazy stuff. The London Sci-Fi 48 Hour challenge is the perfect remedy for this craving.

The competition is a part of a festival which spans longer then a week, attracting all sorts of characters with a joint love of Science fiction and Film. It in itself is one of the most prestigious short film competitions in the UK  with a massive fan base and over 300 entries worldwide. As an example, Gareth Edwards took part and won the competition in 2008 and has gone on to win multiple awards for his feature ‘Monsters’. This in turn lead him to a career working on the 2014 film ‘Godzilla’ and now a new Star Wars film ‘Rogue one’. So after that bit of insight you can see the potential for winning something as cool as this….so we put our ‘Broken’ 😉 minds to the test!

We first entered into this competition in 2013 with our most serious short film yet ‘Silent Shore’.

Unfortunately we did not get very far with this one but even so it was a great experience and a lot of fun to make.

The Bricks decided not to quit and gave it another go in 2015 with our production ‘Terms and Conditions’. In this short film we decided to go back to our roots and do a comedy Sci-Fi. We had an overwhelmingly positive response with this and managed to get shortlisted to the final 10 of the competition! It was such a massive achievement for such a small no budget production company and an honor to be invited to the ceremony on June 3rd 2015, this year hosted at Stratford Picture House.

The evening was fantastic in which we got to see all the special mention films, all the shortlisted films on the big screen and to rub shoulders with some great people in the industry…not to mention the free booze!

The prizes included some fantastic gear and for 1st place a Black Magic Camera! This was definitely one of the highlights of our journey and we are very much looking forward to having another go next year!

So here it is, the film we made in 48 Hours. Official SL48HR Shortlist

Terms and Conditions