It was our first time entering this competition and the team were feeling pretty pumped up from our recent successes in the London Sci-fi 48 hour and Portsmouth DVmission.

Belief was in the air…and so too was the after effects of all the fast food that was being consumed.

Let’s start from the beginning shall we? It was a disaster!

  • Our camera rental didn’t turn up meaning we were reduced to our contingency equipment.
  • We couldn’t get the whole team together on the eve of the brief and had to skype ideas and progress the story that way.
  • One of our actresses was sick.
  • I dropped and cracked my iphone earlier that day.(Not relevant but i’m sure you can all relate)

None of these unfortunate occurrences was about to stop us from entering. We were passionate, hungry and deluded.

We received our brief;

Title: Only Me

Dialogue: It will be jammed up by now

Action: Bread is stuffed into your pocket.

We all felt this was quite vague and almost held us back because we had too much scope to create an idea from. Finally though we stumbled upon one that we liked.

  A lonely man at work agrees to take part in a (work organised) Airsofting match. He is set up and left to fend for himself against a team of the surliest opponents. He overcomes his fears and fights alone, only to realise that one of his friends at the office has triple crossed him and turned up out of spite just to get one over on our hero. What could have been a traumatic experience for our Mr Bean/Rambo hybrid turns out to be the catalyst for his emotional self discovery. He beats that bully, he beats him good.

  We polished up our script at 4am and retreated to bedtime ready for our early start.

Saturday was spent geared up, muddy and full of action. We were lucky enough to know someone who could supply us with a bunch of official airsofting apparel. We went to a nearby forest to shoot all our gun fights as well as our Airsoft introductory talk. The time vanished and already we were shooting in the dark capturing some footage that would end up being unusable.

  We regrouped that night and made a short edit of what we had. We all agreed that we would need to go back and pick up some shots the next day. Not ideal when the clock is ticking.

Sunday. After picking up the remaining shots back in the forest the rest of the day went off without a hitch. We borrowed an office and shot until about 6 o’clock. Our Tascam sound recorder had broke literally on the last couple of takes before we wrapped but we felt comfortable with the footage we had already got.

This is when the grueling edit started. We began about 8pm Sunday night and finished at 6:30am Monday morning. It was HARD! Really HARD. But we did it.

We uploaded, added to the Colchester vimeo group and let out a sigh of relief.


Check out our Entry here:

We had a lot of fun with this challenge. It was disappointing not to get selected for the shortlist but we are looking forward to entering again next year and hopefully we will do better then.


Well Done team. We go again.