MCM ComicCon filmrace 2016

Top 3

This was our entry into the Mcm ComicCon film race October.


Made in 60 hours our brief was:

Title: Any Hero Will Do
Dialogue: If i Do this, we will never see them again.
Prop: A man drinks liquid from a glass

MCM ComicCon Film Race 2016


Made in 60 hours our brief was:


Title: In the Ashes
Dialogue: ‘Am I supposed to be scared now’
Genre: Apocalypse

Portsmouth international film festival 2016

Best visual effects

Made in 48 hours our brief was:


Title: Drop Out
Dialogue: ‘It was a particular crop of fury, outrage and rabble-rousing.’
Genre: Invasion of privacy and property
Prop: Torch

Dvmission 2015

Best Film

Made in 48 hours our brief was:


Title: The Perfect 20
Dialogue: Shatner Don’t surf
Genre: Cyber Punk

Winchester Short Film Festival 2015

Best Film and Best Drama

Originally made for the Colchester 60 hour film challenge, with the following obstructions.

Title: Only Me
Line of dialogue: It will be jammed up by now.
Action: Stuffing Bread into your pocket

We were delighted that it was accepted into Winchester and even won a couple of awards.

Beat the Bullies

Charity music video

We were asked to create a music video for a charity which uses music to help kids overcome bullying. It was shot in one weekend and then edited the next week.

Beat the bullies was a terrific charity to work with and we were honored to produce this video for them.

For more information about the charity check them out here:

London Sci-Fi 48 hour competition 2015

Official Selection

We had 2 days to make a 5 minute film based off of these stipulations:

Title: Terms and Conditions

Line of dialogue; I’ve never been more confident about anything in my whole life

Prop: Character reads a piece of paper and folds it up.

Optional; A massive asteroid is heading towards earth.

Empire/Jameson Done in 60 seconds 2015

Shortlist – Top 25

This was our Shortlisted entry into the Jameson/Empire done in 60 seconds competition 2014.


‘Taxi Driver’ in 1 minute

DVmission 2014

Best Film and Best Story


The Obstructions for 2014 were:


Genre ‘Hybrid Disaster’
Dialogue ‘When the going gets weird…’
Title ‘ Exit 13’