Glass butter Beach

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Glass Butter Beach is a music festival based in North Wales. As well as great bands playing, there’s also an array of water-sports on show. Matt Crowhurst (Professional Wakeboarder), gave us a great opportunity to document his role at the festival.

Between MC’ing and competing in various events Matt was acting as an ambassador for the festival with the hope to raise some awareness for the event.

Matt Crowhurst – Ambassador, professional MC and wakeboard coach.


1. To seamlessly promote Glass Butter Beach festival alongside the wakeboard competition it supports with Matt Crowhurst as ambassador.
2. Show competitions and features involved with this event in an attractive and exciting method.


We were tasked to creatively show the features of this event with access to its entirety.  Travelling to Wales to film this event over 3 days was a challenging role for us as the weather was very unforgiving, however it turned out to be one of our favorite videos to shoot


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Republic.London – Office letting agency


1. The idea was to create a video which showed Matt wakeboarding around the business park of Republic.
2. The video was to incorporate their brand with a fun relaxed vibe, whilst showcasing some of the beautiful scenery around their London offices.


We traveled into London and tasked to document this fast paced day, capturing Matt doing his thing on the water while introducing the beauty of this park.  We worked closely with both parties in post to ensure satsfaction.